The dental practice with cutting edge technology in Zaghouan

July 15, 2021

After studying dentistry, Sameh Jlassi naturally turned to the profession of prosthetics to launch her professional career. In 2021, she launched a state-of-the-art dental prosthesis practice in Zaghouan.

“When other young people go to public institutions to support entrepreneurship, I took the gamble of contacting the Mashrou3i project, and it paid off.”

At the end of his studies, Sameh started timidly in the preparation of his practice. It was only at the end of 2020 that she met the Mashrou3i expert for the region of Zaghouan, and then launched into the concrete creation of her project.

She witnesses to the support provided by Mashrou3i:

“I only really started my business project when I met the regional expert of the Mashrou3i project,” Sameh explains. “Mashrou3i’s support has been more than crucial in the launch and development of my activities. Apart from reinforced coaching in administration, accounting and human resources, as well as several trainings, the expert in access to finance allowed me to finalise my financing scheme and to obtain a credit of 81’000 DT from the BTS bank.”

The project also provided technical training to enable Sameh to upgrade the production of her dental prostheses with a 3D digital process. “It’s like walking while others are using a car. 3D digitised production has transformed the quality of my work and the efficiency of my business with clients.”

Despite the COVID-19 crisis and repeated lockdowns, Sameh has taken advantage of the downturn in her business to train herself and perfect her offering in the dental prosthesis market.

“On the other hand, I am grateful for the last few months of inactivity during the crisis period, which allowed me to invest 100% in the creation of my practice and the improvement of my activities. Today, I know that with the willpower I was able to overcome this phase brilliantly and I will succeed in the future as well.”

Alongside her 3 employees, the young entrepreneur is starting a new life path, in which partnerships with dental practices and other prosthetists who don’t benefit from the same technology are already coming to her.