About Mashrou3i

What is the aim of Mashrou3i?

Mashrou3i Phase II aims to create over 6,000 jobs for young people in the private sector by 2021. The achieve this goal, Mashrou3i provides direct support to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through training courses, business coaching and technical assistance. It also helps enhance the knowledge and capacity of local business support and higher educational institutions.

What is Mashrou3i?

Mashrou3i (‘my project’ in Arabic) is a joint project by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and the HP Foundation. Mashrou3i is designed to foster youth entrepreneurship in Tunisia and support the creation and growth of enterprises.

About our partners

About UNIDO ?

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations and is responsible for the implementation of the Mashrou3i project. UNIDO’s mandate is to advance sustainable and inclusive industrial development. It assists developing countries to build productive capacity and connect to markets; to overcome standards- and quality-related obstacles to trade; and to ensure that greater business opportunities will not equate to more environmental degradation. UNIDO works with developing countries on both policy and institutional levels to help them diversify their economies away from reliance on volatile primary commodities; to offer competitive, safe and reliable products to world markets; and to avoid negative impacts on climate change, the environment, and the utilization of scarce resources. UNIDO is widely recognized in Tunisia for its leading role in training and coaching for enterprise creation.

Tunisian Government

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and its Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII) are the main government counterparts; other national project partners include
the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment,
the Ministry of Investment and International
Cooperation and the Ministry of Higher Education and
Scientific Research.

What is the HP Foundation?
The HP Foundation is committed to raising people up and assisting those around the world who need it most. Along with HP Inc, the HP Foundation works to help make life better for everyone, everywhere by giving people access to the skills, technologies and capital they need to succeed.
What is the Italian Development Cooperation Agency?
The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) through the Italian Development Cooperation has indicated its commitment to the obtainment of peace, stability and an inclusive and sustainable development. Reducing
poverty, a multidimensional development issue, is given high priority and is addressed through its development interventions focused on supporting local economic development, encouraging inclusive and sustainable industrial development, promoting job creation through enterprise development. Particular attention is also given to interventions aimed at improving environmental impact and sustainable energy management, as well as
promoting development endeavors for increasing food security. MoFA promotes the inclusive growth of the private sector and its competitiveness as a sustainable way to create productive and decent employment and
attract foreign investment in least developed countries and economies in transition such as Tunisia.
What is USAID?

Tunisia and the United States have a strong and continuing partnership with the shared objectives of furthering Tunisia’s democratization, strengthening the Tunisian economy, and improving security. This strong partnership dates back to 1957, when the US Government began providing assistance to Tunisia under the first bilateral agreement between the two countries.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) implemented a range of programs, until Tunisia’s economic and social advances led USAID to close our program in 1994. USAID’s assistance during that period amounted to over $1.5 billion and targeted a range of sectors, such as water, health, humanitarian assistance, science and technology, infrastructure, housing and urban development, and economic assistance.

The 2011 revolution was a powerful expression of Tunisians’ desire to have their voice heard in the economic and political life of their country. Following the revolution, USAID resumed its economic and governance assistance programs to support efforts by the Tunisian Government to improve the quality of governance, advance administrative reforms, fight corruption, increase social inclusion, reduce regional disparities, and strengthen the country’s economy.

USAID/Tunisia promotes an inclusive, accountable political system, and dynamic private sector-led employment and economic growth while promoting prosperous and resilient communities across the country that will advance Tunisia’s overall stability.

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Joining Mashrou3i

How do I participate in Mashrou3i?

The activities of the Mashrou3i project have ended in September 2022.

However, you can find many resources and information related to support of entrepreneurs in the regions on our website.

If you want to improve your managerial and IT skills through the HP LIFE e-learning entrepreneurial training program, you can complete the 33 courses of the program directly on the HP LIFE platform.