Tunisyndic – the app digitizing the real estate sector in Tunisia

June 29, 2021

Mohamed Boussaidi may only be 24 years old but he already has a lot of entrepreneurial experience. As an IT engineer and software developer, this young entrepreneur quickly took advantage of his skills in computer development to launch his business “” – an online application for property management.

Mohamed was only 19 years old when he decided to become an entrepreneur. While studying engineering in Siliana, he developed his technical skills in digital development. At the same time, he focused on gaining the essential traits and business management skills needed to successfully start and run a business. Through the HP LIFE e-Learning program of the project Mashrou3i in 2018, the aspiring entrepreneur perfected his managerial skills with the support of his educator in Siliana.

“HP LIFE is an excellent training program for beginning entrepreneurs. It teaches all the basics required to understand the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship.”

After graduation, Mohamed became very active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He collaborated with many NGO projects and associative programs while developing his online application for properties management. Located in the technopark of La Manouba in Tunis, Tunisyndic was born in 2020, at the peak of the health and economic crisis. The first of its kind in Tunisia, the application offers many advantages for co-owners who are clients of the concept, including the management of contributions and expenses, cash flow, contact with tenants, conflict management… a solution for real challenges facing actors in the Tunisian real estate landscape.

“We are already working with a dozen clients in the region of Tunis and we are confident of expanding our portfolio of clients and activities. Through our application, we allow our clients to manage all their operations online, simply and with better communication between stakeholders. A plus, during a pandemic when people are increasingly minimising contact.”

Mohamed now employs 3 people to help him with these tasks, but also with other activities such as website, software and application development for the public and private sectors.

“Through the HP LIFE training program, I expanded my network and got to know many entrepreneurs like me, and trainers, who have all played an important role in launching and developing my career.”

Always on the lookout for new activities and innovative projects, Mohamed Boussaidi is among the young, Tunisian IT engineers driving the country’s digital transformation – the entrepreneur and his applications have a bright future ahead.