Snail slime and caviar: this innovative cosmetics brand is redefining natural beauty

June 29, 2021

Behind every entrepreneur’s story there is a dream, a strong desire to succeed and a challenge. This was also the case of Farah Ghozzi, who at only 23 years old, discovered her entrepreneurial mindset and launched AICOS. Located in Beja, AICOS is specialized in the extraction of essential oils and the manufacture of cosmetic products, based on hydrolats and essential oils.

Farah grew up in Ghozzi Amdoun, an agricultural region known for its aromatic and medicinal plants – but that still remain largely unexploited. In 2017, having graduated from high school and after completing a course in IT and Office Automation, Farah saw an opportunity to launch her own business.

“Natural cosmetics was a completely new field for me. I had to learn all the technical aspects – from extraction to manufacturing. I spent three years passionately improving my theoretical and practical knowledge but to really succeed I felt I still needed to strengthen my entrepreneurial skills.”

Farah heard about the Mashrou3i project’s training for entrepreneurs through some friends. She registered online and, with the help of the programme’s trainers, completed the 32 courses of the HP LIFE e-Learning platform, which enabled her to improve her knowledge as an entrepreneur in the areas of business creation, finance, communication, marketing and project management.

“I learned a lot through Mashrou3i’s HP LIFE training and its combination of self-learning, group and individual work. I developed my commercial skills and acquired the leadership skills needed to launch and run my business.”

Farah was dedicated to working with Mashrou3i’s technical experts on her entrepreneurial process.

“Our group of 20 aspiring entrepreneurs worked hard for three months with the programme’s trainers to develop the two basic tools of business creation: the Business Model Canvas and the business plan.”

Encouraged by her trainers, Farah launched her business in January 2021. She registered her trademark with the national institute of intellectual property (INNORPI). She also focused on identifying local suppliers and managing the production of her new innovative products based on snail slime and caviar, which are in great demand for hydration and cell regeneration.

Mashrou3i is also providing Farah with business coaching and technical assistance to support the sustainable growth of her business.

“Personalized business coaching support enabled me to organize the legal formalities for the constitution of my company, the declaration of investment and also made me aware of opportunities I can benefit from, including a complementary credit to complete the installation of my manufacturing unit.”

In addition to the technical support of Mashrou3i’s Marketing and Communication Expert for the development of branding for AICOS, the realization of business cards and packaging labels, Farah will be assisted to develop her skills in digital marketing, and to improve her technical skills in the manufacturing of cosmetics.

“In just a few months of hard work and perseverance,” concludes Farah, “AICOS has already established itself on the local market in Beja with a very good reputation thanks to products targeted on social networks and a door-to-door sales strategy. Assisted by Mashrou3i through the upcoming organic certification, I want to consolidate my business, build customer loyalty and win new markets.”