Success story: Zeineb launches the first digital agency in Gabes and already has already won clients from the Middle East

December 21, 2018

As we enter Zeineb Hadj Ali’s digital agency, we are warmly welcomed by a dynamic all-female team into a large, colorful office. Located in downtown Gabes, Barsha Technology is in a happening neighborhood and an attractive spot for advertisers looking for experts in digital communication.

Zeineb, a young woman in her 30s, founded Barsha Technology almost a year ago. After studying Engineering, with a specialization in the field of telecommunication networks, she found her calling as an entrepreneur during a Mashrou3i project HP LIFE training.

“While studying, I designed a smart home, where everything was connected to new technologies,” explains Zeineb. “I wanted to continue with this very innovative project, but Gabes did not open any doors for me in this field. My career took a totally new direction when I did the HP LIFE training.”

In 2016, Zeineb met an expert from the Mashrou3i project, a public-private partnership between USAID, the Italian Cooperation, the HP Foundation and UNIDO. She took part in an HP LIFE e-learning training where she gained advice on a project idea that matched her profile and ambitions. After finalizing her business plan, she successfully prepared and launched her start-up, with the help and guidance of an HP LIFE coach.

Zeineb also received support from Mashrou3i’s regional and technical experts, who diagnosed her needs and provided support in marketing and communication.

“Through Mashrou3i, I recently benefited from two training courses in digital communication and administration and taxation,” she says. “As a result, I gained confidence and feel better prepared to overcome the daily challenges in running my business.”

The young entrepreneur has already succeeded in building a strong foundation for her digital agency.

“We have won several foreign clients abroad, including our largest customer which is based in Saudi Arabia. Europe is also a market we are actively working on and has strong potential for mobile development,” she says. “Locally, we are focusing more on audio-visual production. We recently produced a commercial for a restaurant renowned in Gabes for its American-style pizza.”

Today, Barsha Technology employs a team of seven experts, including web developers, designers and a photographer.

“At Barsha Technology, we offer a range of digital marketing products and services, whether web, mobile or big data,” says Zaineb. “We are flexible with our clients and I’m fortunate to have a team dedicated to each of the services we are offering.”

The agency currently has five clients, who regularly hire its services. As the agency grows and develops, Zeineb is also expanding the service offering.”

“Social media are the present and the future of our business, that is why we are currently developing our community management services” she says. “I recently recruited a person dedicated entirely to this.”

Zeineb is confident about the future for young people in her region. “I believe in this sector. Digital development is the future for young entrepreneurs in the country. As Mashrou3i did with me, I want to be there to guide others and help them achieve their goals.”