This young entrepreneur gained her independence by launching a phone store

March 4, 2020

In the heart of Zaghouan, Nassima Ben Jannet has established a phone store. After 3 years working in her brother’s shop, this strong and determined women decided she wanted her independence and launched GSM plus, a store selling phones and accessories, in 2018.

Like many young people who decide to embark on the hard path of entrepreneurship, Nassima participated in training workshops to acquire the skills needed to become a good manager. On this journey, she discovered Mashrou3i, a private-public partnership between the Tunisian government, USAID, the Italian Cooperation, HP Foundation and UNIDO.

“Management courses, among other things, enabled me to learn how to manage my cash flow by myself, without needing to hire an accountant,” Nassima explains.

Fostering a community for entrepreneurs, Mashrou3i’s entrepreneurial training program also offered Nassima the opportunity to expand her business network.

“The HP LIFE e-Learning program has been a very positive experience for me,” Nassima says. “In addition to the skills I have acquired in management and IT, I learned a lot about negotiation that helped me to sign contracts with telecommunications providers very quickly.”

Nassima has made improvements to her shop to increase sales. She replaced the store window with a new one that showcases all of her flagship products. Despite the competition, GSM Plus positions itself on the sale of all types of high-end and entry-level mobile phones. A choice Nassima made that enables her to target more people in Zaghouan.

“Mashrou3i taught me what the market is and what the competition represents. It is not about selling laptops or accessories only, but more guiding customers in their purchases, identifying and understanding their needs. To raise awareness of my store, I’ve also started to use a lot advertising tools and promotions.”

In less than a year, Nassima has seen the fruits of her labor pay off and the business is growing with the opening of a second store on a central avenue of the city of Zaghouan.

“If I could offer advice to other women who would like to start their own business, I’d say believe in yourself and get prepared with the support of Mashrou3i’s entrepreneurship training.”