Fadi Zaghden develops technological solution to solve challenges at Medenine market place

June 10, 2020

Fadi Zaghden is currently in his second year at ISET Medenine, studying Business Administration. When the COVID-19 crisis hit Tunisia in March 2020, the government introduced a curfew and general lockdown. Courses at the university ground to a halt. When Fadi’s university professor, Ms. Amel Chaieb, asked if he would like to take part in an online entrepreneurship training organized by Mashrou3i, the 22-year-old jumped at the chance.

“I’d already heard about the HP LIFE e-Learning program for entrepreneurs and I was very happy to be chosen as one of 10 students from Medenine to take part in Mashrou3i’s remote learning,” explains Fadi. “It was a successful experience, allowing me to start by identifying challenges in my immediate environment and then responding to them by developing an idea and even a business that could provide a solution.”

Passionate about social entrepreneurship, Fadi came up with a technological solution to address a very real economic, social and environmental challenge in his region.

Every Sunday, hundreds of sellers and buyers of second-hand products meet at the open-air Souk of “Bab El Oued”. It’s an unhealthy space ravaged by sewage in winter and by mosquitoes in summer. Fadi and his team mate came up with the idea for an online market place “Bi3 w echri” (“sell and buy” in Arabic), which will allow people in the region to buy and sell products from the comfort and safety of their home via a mobile phone application.

During the 2-week intensive online training, Fadi and his team created a business model for Bi3 w echri using the 32 HP LIFE e-learning courses.

“We really enjoyed the online courses and activities which enabled us to shape and sharpen our business ideas,” says Fadi. “The last days of the workshop were dedicated to the presentation of our business model which was really rewarding.”

Proud to share his experience, Fadi is waiting to find out if his business model has been selected to go through to compete in Mashrou3i’s Business Challenge this summer. Fadi is confident that Bi3 w echri has what it takes to win the contest.