Investing in Zarzis and the region’s workforce

January 28, 2021

From France to Tunisia, how an entrepreneur from Zarzis is investing in his hometown to develop the local industry

Mohamed Bouajila is the founder of BMA Equipement, a company specialized in manufacturing of professional catering and ventilation equipment. After living in France for many years, the 37-year old entrepreneur decided to return to his hometown and launch his business.

“The difficulty, especially in the south of Tunisia, is to find a qualified workforce”, explains Mohamed Bouajila. “Mashrou3i provided technical training to all my employees. And general training in other essential skills like accounting and communication.”

Located in the Zarzis Park of Economic Activities, the business is mainly exporting to France but also African countries. Recently, BMA Equipement also started to supply the Tunisian market with ventilation products. Activities currently provide employment to 30 people (managers and technicians), with the aim to create 60 jobs. Find out more in this interview with Mohamed Bouajila as part of Mashrou3i’s media partnership with Express FM.