Bio Lab embraces digital technologies to enhance performance

July 7, 2022

In February 2022, Adel Mehrez, a 43-year-old biologist, opened Bio Lab – a medical analysis laboratory located on the main street of Gabes. Before successfully launching his laboratory, Adel had a long career, which started with a doctorate in medicine and ended after several years of hard work on the road to entrepreneurship.

“I obtained my doctorate in general medicine in 2007. Initially, I worked as a doctor in the Thalasso centre in Djerba before working for five years as a medical representative for an international company. But the desire to pursue a specialty was stronger than I thought, and I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a biologist in Dakar. When I returned from Senegal, I had to invest in two more years of equivalence before I could finally obtain my title of medical biologist and launch my laboratory. If I had to do it again, I would do it with no hesitation…”

The return of Dr. Adel Mehrez to Gabes coincides with the period of confinement, but his choice is irrevocably made. He started to prepare his business, the study of the project, the procedure to obtain the necessary financing, and above all the obligatory specifications for the approval of this activity. Professionally, he doesn’t carry out any activity, except for volunteering to contribute to PCR tests in the region, determined to train and prepare himself for his new profession as an entrepreneur.

“I am proud to be one of the three biologists in Gabes, and to work in a field that I am passionate about and that allows me to grow at the same time. The launch of my laboratory has been more than satisfactory. The low competition, the location in the city centre and the network that I built thanks to my experience as a medical professional, have helped me. Bio Labs carries out blood tests, pathological cyclos tests and PCR tests. From day one, we have acquired a good reputation based on quality services, high-performance equipment, a dynamic team of 7 young laboratory technicians, and instant digital management.”

The meeting with the experts of the Mashrou3i project was decisive for the development of Bio Lab’s digital management process. “The Mashrou3i project enabled me to acquire the “Dynamic Lab” software. Used in the most modern laboratories, this technology not only facilitates tasks, but also makes life easier. Based on everything connected, it provides instant processing of all analyses performed with remote validation and almost zero margin of error.”

“Thanks to Mashrou3i, I have entered the era of digital transformation with full force. I have also benefited from the development of my management skills. The project experts helped us to develop our accounting and management knowledge to carry out our daily tasks. They also provided us with a refresher course to learn about online marketing.”

Comforted by Mashrou3i’s support, and by the access to digital technology that facilitates the daily management of his laboratory from a distance, Adel is more than ever attracted to entrepreneurship. His dream today is to aim further and to undertake in the region of El Hamma and to invest in a medical spa that can offer Tunisian patients and foreign health tourists more remission in the treatment of rheumatic, respiratory or other conditions, and to put his experience at the service of the development of his region.