Tea PAM, an organic herbal tea brand from southern Tunisia

August 11, 2022

Samira was born in the small village of Ksar Jdid overlooking the mountainous region of Medenine. When she was still a child, she learned to respect and value the environment that was surrounding her. Today as an adult, she decided to devote her life in caring of natural resources of her native region and she launched in February 2022 Tea PAM, a brand of herbal teas made from medicinal plants.

“After graduating from INSAT Tunis in 2015 with a degree in industrial chemistry, I wanted to return to my region. But unfortunately, the governorate of Medenine is very affected by unemployment, and living in Tunis for me was not an option. So, I started to think about a business idea.”

In parallel to her research, and being passionate about studies, Samira decided to continue her studies and work on her doctoral thesis on the added value of medicinal plants in arid regions. She discovered the enormous potential of this untapped nature.

“The arid regions of the South have a particularity of their location. Due to the higher exposure to the sun, the local biodiversity adapts by developing a higher level of polyphenol and flavonoids, promoting a greater antioxidant effect compared to other plants. This is where the idea for my project came from: the production of natural herbal teas.”

The 30-year-old entrepreneur started her entrepreneurial journey and completed various training courses with the intention of developing a viable project idea that would meet her expectations and objectives: to develop the natural wealth of her native land. The very first training course Samira carried out was the HP LIFE e-learning program of the Mashrou3i project in 2019.

“After completing the 32 courses on the HP LIFE platform, I participated in a 5-day training during which I developed my project idea and built a viable business plan. This training was very beneficial to me. Especially becasur I learned how to carry out my search for funding.”

She financed 30% of her project thanks to a program supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the rest with her own funds, for a total capital of 150,000 TND. She then acquired the production machinery through new subsidies.

“Little by little, my business took shape. I set up my premises, installed the electrical system, received my production machines and started my first production of herbal teas… I specialized in medicinal plants from the arid regions of Medenine, and I have now a range of 8 products: sage, lavender, moringa, rosemary -sweet and unsweetened- and green teas with herbs and mugwort.”

Thanks to the network she developed during her numerous entrepreneurial trainings, Samira now supplies her plants from GDAs in the region and from groups of women farmers, thus indirectly contributing to the development of women’s entrepreneurship and to women empowerment in the southern regions of Tunisia.

Samira is also developing her community of customers step by step, first through social networks and then by taking part in several trade fairs. Today, the young entrepreneur sells herbal teas in all regions of Tunisia and she doesn’t intend to stop there. She plans to access new markets, especially internationally, and to develop her product portfolio in the near future.