Digital marketing training helps Pro Design reach new customers

July 12, 2022

In 2021, Mayckel Hermassi launched Pro Design – a business specialized in cutting and digital engraving of wood, in Feriana, Kasserine.  The 30 year-old entrepreneur has already established a good reputation for his services in the surrounding area of Kasserine, especially among carpenters who no longer need to travel to larger cities for digital engraving.

Mayckel’s entrepreneurial path is full of twists and turns. After graduating from high school, he turned to biology, obtaining a degree in oleology in Sfax in 2015 and then moving to the coastal city to further his experience in the field.

“I originally had the idea start an olive oil business and my concern was to perfect my experience in everything related to the production and packaging of olive oil. I spent a year working for Oil Office, where I learned about chemical analyses, and then spent three years as head of a laboratory in a private company, where I also could strengthen my management skills.”

With an entrepreneurial spirit, know-how and management experience, Mayckel felt ready to embrace his own olive oil venture, but the idea was shelved due to the substantial financial investment required to launch a business in this sector.

“It was my DIY spirit and my passion for computers that finally redirected my career plans and my choice of an innovative project that best meets the needs of my region. That’s how I started my own CNC unit that works mainly on wood cutting and engraving.”

Mayckel immediately took the initiative to train himself in carpentry, and he also participated in training courses with professionals in order to better master the CNC machines and above all to learn the ABC of this modern form of woodworking. He also launched a project study which showed the pressing need for carpenters in Feriana and even in Kasserine who save time and money by carrying out their cutting and engraving services on furniture nearby. The young entrepreneur obtained a credit from the BTS to finance his equipment.

“My meeting with Mashrou3i at my beginnings was helpful and gave meaning to everything I am currently doing. In addition to the training on administrative procedures, about CNSS or taxes, which made it much easier for me to access information, I was also able to learn how to do my accounting. I also benefited from a personalized coaching by a Mashrou3i expert who gave me a lot of advice and taught me how to develop my objectives and, above all, plan my activities. Thanks to the online training on digital marketing, I have also developed the business page of PRO DESIGN, where I am now able to showcase my new designs and collect orders from new customers.”

Mayckel currently supplies the needs of carpenters throughout Kasserine, for cutting oval and 3D shapes, on furniture of all kinds, as well as engraving needs. He also works with suppliers of faux plaster ceilings, who are increasingly using engraved wood as a new trend.

“I’m currently perfecting my marketing approach on social media, and I can say that Pro Design is currently very popular among women and brides-to-be in particular. With the support of Mashrou3i, I am very confident for the future, and I am already working on the idea of opening my own showroom in Kasserine soon.”