This woman turned her passion for natural cosmetics into a flourishing business

March 4, 2020

A delicate aroma of essential oils and the smile of the young entrepreneur Amel Marzouki greet us as we enter her store specialized in natural cosmetics in Jendouba. Passionate about plants, the female business owner launched her brand for essential oils and natural cosmetics in November 2018.

After graduating in Science of life and Management of Healthcare Institutions, Amel started teaching entrepreneurship strategy at the Higher Institute of Technology Studies ISET in Jendouba. Then, the potential of her region, her inspirations and her love for plants led her to aromatherapy.

Amel put her first foot in the sector by creating a small essential oil distillation unit in 2017. At the same time, she discovered the project Mashrou3i, a partnership between USAID, the Italian Cooperation, HP Foundation and UNIDO, which supported her in the development of her project. She first carried out the HP LIFE e-learning training which helped her to structure her business idea.

“Taking a step back today, I realize how much the HP LIFE courses represent the basis for an entrepreneur to acquire the necessary managerial skills.”

Little by little, her project developed until the opening of a point of sale in Jendouba where she offers a variety of essential oils that harness the natural wealth of her region including rosemary, thyme and geranium. In order to expand her range of natural products and compete with the market, Amel first wanted to excel in this area. Therefore, with the support of Mashrou3i, she followed several technical trainings and identified suitable packaging for her new products and developed a whole range of natural cosmetic products which she will launch in 2020.

Since then, the young female entrepreneur has already started to see her efforts rewarded. In 2019, she obtained the organic certification for two of her products (rosemary and basil). She also won the prize for the best geranium floral water at the National Contest for Regional Products, organized by UNIDO’s PAMPAT project.

“Entrepreneurship has potential in Tunisia and in our region. There are plenty of opportunities if you know how to use them,” Amel smiles.

Amel is full of ambition for the future. With the launch of her new soaps, the development of online communication tools and the opening of another point of sale in Tunis, “Tunaroma” has a bright future ahead.