Mohamed Amine Hasni turns the family business into a booming hardware store

March 1, 2019

We are standing in front of Mohamed Amine Hasni’s hardware store, on the main street in the bustling souk of Siliana. Inside, Mohamed Amine and his brother are rushing back and forth between the back of the store and the counter, serving a line of customers eagerly waiting to buy various tools, DIY materials and electrical supplies.

Hardworking and industrious, Mohamed Amine holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and had various jobs before he got the idea to launch a hardware store when he was only 23 years old.

“I worked as a waiter and a tourist agent in Hammamet and Sousse,” says Mohamed Amine. “It was an experience far from my field. I tried to find work as a technician in one of Siliana’s factories, where I could use my education and skills, but the salary offered was so low I decided it was better to launch my own project.”

Keen to become his own boss, the young entrepreneur asked his father if he could turn the family mattress business located in the souk into a hardware store. Thanks to the financial support of his father, Mohamed was able to realize his dream and start his journey as an entrepreneur. But the first year of business was not all rosy.

“We struggled to achieve a decent turnover in the beginning,” Mohamed Amine explains. “We were ordering large amounts of stock and it was difficult to meet deadlines to pay our suppliers.”
Thanks to his brother, Mohamed Amine discovered the entrepreneurship training offered by Mashrou3i, a project funded by USAID, the Italian Cooperation and the HP Foundation and implemented by UNIDO.

During the 5-day HP LIFE workshop, organized by Mashrou3i, Mohamed Amine learned new technological tools and business concepts to help improve his accounting skills.

“It feels good to be independent and to be able to carry out all my accounting alone,” he says. “I owe it to my HP LIFE coach that we are able to manage our accounting well now.”

Two years after launching the business, it’s hard to imagine the financial hurdles Mohamed Amine had to overcome. People are lining up to buy various supplies for electricity, plumbing and home improvement projects. Business is clearly booming. The young entrepreneur takes his role very seriously and is proud to have turned his idea into a profitable business. Diplomatic, professional and talented in communication, he has also developed a cooperation with his neighbor who also offers hardware items. However, Mohamed Amine already has plans for expansion.

“My dream is to open a wholesale business for the northwest to supply companies and entrepreneurs in Beja, Kef, Siliana and Jendouba. With Mashrou3i, my entrepreneurial destiny is already on track and achieving this goal is just a matter of time.”

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