Mashrou3i Business Challenge crowns 3 students entrepreneurs from Tunisia’s ISETs

November 22, 2021

The 2nd edition of the virtual Business Challenge of Mashrou3i was held on November 10, 2021 crowning 3 students with the best project ideas from the ISETs of Siliana, Jendouba, and Kairouan.

Organized by the project Mashrou3i, the Business Challenge rewards the best projects from among nearly 300 students who participated in the HP LIFE entrepreneurial training program during their university studies. This event is part of the partnership between the ISETs in Tunisia and Mashrou3i for the development and promotion of an entrepreneurial culture among youth.

After an online voting phase where 60 people from of the entrepreneurial ecosystem were invited to pre-select 5 finalists of the competition from 15 student pitches, the final competition was held on November 10, between 11:30 and 13:00. During this event, the 5 finalist students defended their business project ideas in front of five members of a professional jury. At the end of this live final competition, widely broadcast on social networks, 3 student-entrepreneurs were crowned the lucky winners of the Business Challenge 2021 according to precise criteria and in the presence of observers.

“This event consolidates a fruitful collaboration of more than 5 years between Mashrou3i’s experts, teachers and academic institutions, ISETs in particular, to develop managerial skills in students and help them become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.” Antoine Bureau, National Coordinator of the project Mashrou3i in Tunisia

The winners of the competition were announced at a ceremony broadcast live on social networks. Their project ideas stood out for their relevance, innovation and the quality of the presentation of their BMC. The top three prizes awarded are as follows:

  • 1st prize: Ahlem Maatallah, ISET Siliana, “Production of almond milk”
  • 2nd prize (ex aequo): Rihab Chaabi, FSEG Jendouba, “Extraction of essential oils”
  • 2nd prize (ex aequo): Sabri Jaziri, ISET Kairouan, “Recycling of used tyres”

The 3 winners won a laptop for the first prize, and a tablet for the second and third prizes. They will also be supported in the different stages of launching their businesses by Mashrou3i’s experts.

The great winner, Ahlam Maatallah profoundly expressed her joy and gratitude to the observers, jury members and the entire Mashrou3i team. “Today there were many feelings mixed together, but above all the feeling of pride and joy when I found out that I had won! The last few months and this competition have taught me that my project has value and can be turned into a successful business.”

This competition marks the continuation of a partnership launched between the project Mashrou3i and the ISET network in 2016 to promote entrepreneurial culture among youth and strengthen managerial skills from university. The project Mashrou3i is a public-private partnership between the Tunisian government, USAID, the Italian Cooperation and HP Foundation, and implemented in Tunisia by UNIDO. Through training, in-depth coaching and technical assistance, Mashrou3i aims to create nearly 6,000 jobs by 2021 and train nearly 5,000 students in entrepreneurship within 14 regions of the country.